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    the boy

    the boy
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    Pokemon Trading Card Game GBC

    Oh my god this game. I saw it available for virtual console and just had to download it. It's been years since I last played it but man does it hold up well. So well that I had to dig up, read and reply to old posts on the smogon dot com. I've been playing all week and just finished the...
  3. Carl

    Happy 10th Birthday, Smogon!

    I know, right? MCZANGOOSE seems like yesterday..
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  5. Carl

    Happy 10th Birthday, Smogon!

    ian garvey is so thoughtful and never forgets. what a guy!
  6. Carl

    Resource Normal-types cannot be paralyzed by Body Slam

    So basically I should have won those SPL battles is what you're saying. The benefits of Body Slam are still pretty enticing. I'm not sure I'd be willing to drop it from Snorlax or Tauros just for mirror match ups since you were always rolling the dice in those situations.. just less luck...
  7. Carl

    ORAS Mega Stone Location Guide

    I think you mean your other left. Maybe I'm just stupid but I found this misleading... I was thinking my left (west) and not the in-game character's left (east) as you head south.
  8. Carl

    Battle Maison Discussion & Records

    Hello friends. I have a team to share. Since we’re on the cusp of ORAS release, it’s kind of fitting that I have an opportunity to post about what I’ve been toying around with in the Singles Maison. My assumption is that people are going to care a heck of a lot less about XY Maison after...
  9. Carl

    VGC Nationals Data

    Maybe we've been following two different VGC seasons but rain has only recently seen a real surge in play from where I stand. It's not like that was the meta all year. And when we say "rain," we're really only referring to Politoed and Ludicolo; which, the former is basically required for...
  10. Carl

    2013 Smogon Fantasy Hockey

    I would play for money but then I would suggest hitting the reset button on the league so everyone starts with equal footing. The keeper experiment was fun but if we hit reset I'd also rather just do a full draft every year. I'm not sure how long this will continue to last, tbh, since we're not...
  11. Carl

    The Everything NHL Thread

    Cute homer bracket for this year
  12. Carl

    2013 Smogon Fantasy Hockey

    Teams are static because nobody is willing to do anything and make a trade. This is partially because everyone doesn't want to get ripped off (we've seen some lopsided exchanges over the years) so people are gun-shy unless it's a no brainer sure thing (I'm guilty of this, too). And this is...
  13. Carl

    College Football 2013-2014 Thread

    to mre's point, it's kind of a shame that the sec will once again go to the national championship. if good sec teams lose to another sec team, that's cool. if good teams from other conferences lose, well fuck off. still happy about msu beating osu, big ten title and assured rose bowl.. and hey...
  14. Carl

    All girl bands

    sleater-kinney.. wild flag.. basically carrie brownstein edit, oh yeah plumtree for scott pilgrim fans
  15. Carl

    2013 Smogon Fantasy Hockey

    +/- is fine. it varies week to week but so does every other stat. blocks? ehh... that's literally asking everyone to plug a roster slot with a dman that does nothing else. at least with hits you can get that stat from all positions. i personally like the current state of the defenseman position...
  16. Carl

    The Everything NHL Thread

    bruins suck posting only to incite a jrrr rant in defense of shawn thornton jumping orpik
  17. Carl

    2013 Smogon Fantasy Hockey

    I will trade you, maybe. Who you got available?
  18. Carl

    The Everything NHL Thread

    the dallas starbucks (tm puck daddy)
  19. Carl

    The Everything NHL Thread

    no big deal also 7 for 8, can't believe I picked the caps over the rags and to go to the conference final, that was stupid >_________<